The Freedom Of Forgiveness


When we let go of what was, we make room for what could be. All too often we hold someone in a prison of the past and throw away the key instead of sliding it into the pocket of forgiveness and letting the caged bird free. Both the person we are holding in that dingy light as well as ourselves in the shackles of our bitter resentment. Our human nature is so hardwired to hold on to the few and far between momentary lapses of reason instead of seeing all the other reasons that build the case for their good. Why do we hold onto the “bad” so tightly? Why do we continue to live in the pangs of the past when forgiveness and grace is the most freeing gift we could give to ourselves and others. It seems so simple yet most can’t or won’t seem to muster the motivation to simply LET IT GO. What if today you just decided to bury the hatchet somewhere other than your back pocket so you’re not tempted to pull it out and rehash an old worn-out ditch with it. Doesn’t life deserve a fresh start? Doesn’t this moment warrant a canvas that is free from the stain of sin that we are holding ourselves and others in? When choosing whether being “right” is more important than being the walking example of love, grace, and holy forgiveness, I pray you always choose the latter.

~Audra Erwin

The “High on Life” Coach

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