Here And Now

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It’s hard to imagine. Both then and now. That call or instantaneous moment of knowingness that your loved one is no longer here or that the great likelihood of their not being here is imminent.

Your heart sinks as low as the earth and joins in its heaviness as it perceives separation from the great loves it’s ever known. These moments when heaven and earth collide and take you for an emotional ride. Our mortality rising to the occasion in a breath of grief; grasping for air and one more moment to make things right or to savor another second of that person, place, or thing that once made you sing in joy for the connection of your hearts that joined together for a reason or a season in this lifetime.

Imagine if you will as you allow yourself to be still and know that these moments are fleeting and consider this an open invitation to lay down your grievances for the sake of love and cast your cares and airs to the one above. To find forgiveness in the holiest of places deep within yourself as you remember that love is all that matters. It’s the only thing that ever has and ever will.

~Audra Erwin

The “High on Life” Coach

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