Temporary Amnesia

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I forgot for a moment who I am and what I’ve done. Got swept away by fear and carried off into a forest of forgetfulness. Not remembering the journey I’ve been on and the waters I’ve crossed. Barefoot and bloody, the path at times muddy. I hit the snooze bar on those former ambitions and strong intuitions. Those hunches and inklings that prompted and prodded. The yesses I nodded. The doors that opened and the ones that threatened to shut in my face that I pushed open with determination and grace. Yeah, I forgot about that girl who took it all for a whirl. Spinning the world on her finger like the globe trotter she is. So about this new biz. The Father’s that I’m getting about as I swim through all these clouds of doubt. I remind myself that it’s normal. It’s necessary. It’s par for the course. So of course I’m going to feel the feels as I turn on my heels and electric slide my away across that college campus and once again dance into the great unknown.


~Audra Erwin

The “High on Life” Coach

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