The Cure For Weariness

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Some things won’t let go of you~ Like the niggle and the nudge, asking you to budge. To move about with ease and grace to that which occupies and encumbers your space…

For me~ this beautiful, Divine, and Holy grip of God has been the long whispered call to ministry. It’s been a slow and steady process. A little by little. A step by perfect step. Each climb up the rung of the stairway to heaven has been met with a set of feet for me to greet and wash and scrub away any meaning, make-wrong, or attachment to the outcome. To see in the process, my own calluses and rough edges smoothed and softened. Building a muscle of humility, honor, and grace.

To find genuine peace in the present instead of wishing I were elsewhere or believing that I “should” be. The joy I’ve found in the safe and sound. My mind when it’s quiet hears the murmurs of my heart that beats in the direction of the truth of Divine and Holy importance. Peace in the priorities that are way above the flow of the quo. The status of striving in an effort to reach some level of success.

No, this ladder is better. It’s not man-made. It’s of a higher and better grade. One fashioned and formed and fitted in the mold. The one he broke through the stories I’ve told. My journey and junctures and sojourns of life. My pitfalls and perils, my soul and its strife.

All those years of chasing happy caused me to chase my tail. To crash and burn and cry and wail. Little did I know that rock bottom was better than any mountain top I’d been climbing. That my freedom would be found in the one picking the gravel from my knees after I fell on them.

My Holy Redeemer. My Sovereignty and safety. My Heavenly Father in whose eyes reflect my value and worth. My Holy Enough-ness found in his love. I didn’t need anything else but his grace from above. He filled all the gaping holes in my chest. And I keep him and pull him ever closer to my vest.

For this is my sanctuary and where I find my true rest.

And all those frivolous things slowly fell away. I now get my contentment through HIS needs in which I pray. YOUR will be done for I’m your good and faithful one. Your ways are far greater than the world and all its glitz and glamour. It is for you I enamor through all of the clamor. I just want to be a star in YOUR show. Not among the superficiality of Hollywood row…

~Audra Erwin

The “High on Life” Coach

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