King Of Hearts

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There’s something about those full circle moments that seem to draw a beautiful bow around everything. The invisible string and thread weaving our life experience and connecting hearts through the dots. Walking backward through time as if to gather the gold dropped like tiny heaps of bread crumbs all along the way. Clues we wouldn’t discover until these moments. These instances that are examples of the frailty and the beauty of our human experience. Deeper levels of grace emerging in the midsts of the awe and awareness when the perfume of forgiveness permeates an atmosphere that once was tumultuous and war-torn because we were so forlorn. The grand exhale of relief. Knowing we didn’t screw up. We didn’t get it wrong. That God’s hand was in it and throughout it all along. And when he lays it all out for us, this deck of cards we were dealt and we’ve been playing, we see the King is always a part of the winning hand.

~Audra Erwin

The “High on Life” Coach

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