Tap Dancing On Eggshells And Shattering The Delusion

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“Wow, you’ve really gotten political. That surprises me about you…” The words uttered from those seemingly shocked at my stand for truth. Damn right. There was a time I was that “love and light,” unicorn riding tree hugger, charging onward with her silver lining pen. Spiritually bypassing and leaving it all up to the “Universe”. Little did I know how deceived I was. How detached and delusional. How unbelievably ignorant I was to the real-life going on in real life when what I was really trying to do was escape it. Yep, this La La Land had become my hometown. I have compassion for that part of myself that clearly had no clue how “out of this world” I had gotten. I had pretty much checked out because it was all really too hard to be with for the empathic, sensitive soul that I am. There was even a time I thought what’s the big deal if we open up our borders and let the love shine in. Live and let live. Etc..etc… This is part of the tunnel vision impairment I had that came as a side effect of not being grounded in this life experience. My head was too far in the clouds and that is just as unhealthy as not looking at your bank account when you know there’s not enough week at the end of your money. IGNORANCE IS NOT BLISSSSSS. Ouch, the bitter pill still catches in my throat and makes me taste the blood of my not so sweet victory.

I see this everywhere now that my blinders are off. We are acting out of our wounds and our very need for safety. To feel safe, seen, and accepted in a world that can feel anything but. And so now we’ve created a Nation built on eggshells no one feels safe to walk on and some are simply over that because they’ve tiptoed around all of it for so long. We were never meant to live in a bubble wrap society, protecting us from the things we are meant to reconcile within ourselves. To be reconciled to Christ who is the only one who will ever give us that true sense of safety, acceptance, and freedom. So I would say forgive me for my vocal cords stretching themselves far outside my previous comfort zones that kept me delusional to the cold hard realities of this life. That evil is real and its deception is gradual, and if we don’t all wake up soon, the trance will lead us into a prison even worse than the one we’ve confined ourselves to through our own inauthenticity.

~Audra Erwin

The “High on Life” Coach

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