Bearing Witness


~Slow Down. Have a stroll.

~Take a different way.

~Find even more beauty in your own backyard.

~Rendezvous with your soul.

~Really be present to life. And all its unfolding.

~Be present to your spirit and its inklings and nudges. Tune in to what surprises and delights it.

~Find fancy in the mundane.

These were just a handful of the instructions I was given this morning while beginning my daily morning run/walk.

It was strong. Clear. Concise. Not confusing. Never confusing. It’s always crystal clear with its intent. Only sometimes I bypass it while in the groove of my own intention. I’m learning to heed the sweet breath from the whisper in my ear before it has the opportunity to breathe down my neck.

God gently asked me to slow down this morning. To slow my pace and take a different way. To collect the moment via the elements as they present themselves to me one by one. To take inventory for him and my soul. To blissfully bask in all the things and see what I take notice about them. To relish the ordinary AND the extraordinary. To tuck each piece into my heart and feel their essence through and through. To marvel in the magic of the divine creation of whatever I am present to and presented with.

Music. I was asked not to play it. To instead tune into the music of my soul and the birds and wildlife that act as my band; my symphony; my choir for all the things I desire.

“Fields Of Gold” was the one request I honored as it felt appropriate and aligned with the flow of the morning’s elegance.

These nuances and details have outlined the shape of my heart with deeper grooves. Making room for more things and the capacity to fully receive them. The things being ethereal more than material though those too shall be made manifest as they walk the red carpet corridors laid out on behalf of them with trails of the flower dander debris that collected itself in a pile on the side of the road. Pooled together by the winds of change. Gathered up and turned into confetti for the marriage of my truth that is always inside of me waiting to be walked down the aisle of life and days like this, hand in hand with my beloved creator.

And this is what I got through the honoring of that encounter. ~~~

SLOW DOWN and REALLY APPRECIATE LIFE. FULLY. TOTALLY. WHOLLY and COMPLETELY. Beauty is always to be found in the ashes, not just the arches and trellises that twist, tangle, and frame our preferences. To allow for new growth provided through the intricacies of a new vine blossoming fragrances we’ve never inhaled the aroma of. Or the anticipation of what color blooms new and what it will open up to as it expands through the elements that aid in its unfolding.

To LISTEN to that song again and this time really HEAR the words as if your soul were extracting the lyrics with its fiddle strings. Embody them… Let them twirl your spirit around God’s finger. And LINGER. Longer than usual to that kiss you plant on the forehead of the moment. Basking in its radiance evoked from the heart that beats you wildly to the tune of your own drummer, knowing you play a significant part in the album of this life.

GRAZE~~~ This was the message from the Horse Whisperers that demonstrated through the white picket fence as I passed by observing them in their true nature and fine feral fashion.

PLAY~ with the things you see. Like the numbers that presented themselves in random or not so random fashion. 65 first then 69. Songs and sex. Making love to the moment and the memories evoked from the simplest of things. And the signposts speaking through spirit on your behalf.

EXPERIENCE EVERYTHING as if it were a secret message meant only for you…

ENCOUNTER~ as you tune in to the frequency of this day. New Sights. New Sounds. New people. Ones I’ve not yet seen or witnessed. Observing and experiencing now as a result of this slower pace. Fascinated by the smallest of things as I’ve always been. Just amplified today. Wildly Vivid. Neon and prismatic.

I noticed all the various houses. Some bigger than others, knowing it doesn’t at all matter whose house is bigger. That none is more “successful” as defined by Webster’s and The Joneses we’ve all tried to keep up with at one point or another. Seeing how meaningless it all is now. How superficial the status quo.

I was so much more fully in tune with my senses. I took in the rare cool breeze in the midst of a Texas summer and felt it as though I were the lady in the York Peppermint Patty commercial back in the day sans the long white dress, though I feel as enlivened as a bride on her wedding day devoid of nerves. Carrying only a bouquet of butterflies to be released from my stomach in unison and celebration for the courtship of my creator who so lovingly points out all the things that surprise and delight me and for the perfect pause for me to take it all in.

I am delighted and grateful for the morning and its spontaneous gift of redirection.

We truly do walk in FIELDS OF GOLD…

~Audra Erwin

The “High on Life” Coach


*This was experienced and written yesterday and was unable to post it until today.


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