On Being Ghosted

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Your phantom energy leaves a trail of fear

For whatever reason, you prefer the stance of cowardice

instead of noble victor claiming your truth that would set us both free

Not that I need it to be whole and complete

for that, I already am

I’ve grown those limbs and sprawled myself out on the flimsy branches

testing my resolve and my resiliency

and I guess I’m wanting to be a stand for that part of you too

The one that isn’t worried about “offending” me

or dealing with whatever preconceived ideas you may have on how I’ll receive your truth

And also wanting to stand firm against the doors of your heart

incase by chance, this is your normal pattern

the one of self-sabotage

that gives you a false sense of control

the moment you smell your desire

in full bloom on the vine in front of you

What if this is your moment

To harvest a new crop

and deal with the rot so you can eat the sweet fruit

that is only forbidden by your ego that is used to the taste of poison on its palate

~Audra Erwin

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