Heart Cries


The world feels like it’s suffocating. Collective feels from the cries of George Floyd.

“I can’t breathe” echoing in our hearts and breaking them wide open. Been holding our own breath far too long and not speaking up. Looking away or sitting idly by watching. Immobilized in whatever has clamped our spirits in fear or apathy. The lynchpin coming undone like a grenade in a minefield creating a war zone for peace. A unification long overdue. Time to RISE UP. ALL OF US. Once and FOR ALL. For George. For every George there ever was and those who could have easily been a George. So there will never again be another George.

On behalf of my ancestors and my own white privilege, I am sorry, please forgive me, I love you and thank you. For trying to show us what we’ve not been willing to see long before the knee…

~Audra Erwin

The “High on Life” Coach

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