The Newness Of Now



The morning dew lingers in the air along with the melody and harmony of the cacophony of music played by the wing acoustics of the cricket band. The morning doves on vocals, with backups provided by The Roosters. The alarm clock of nature, unalarmed.

These beautiful sounds that enrapture my spirit. Reminding me of all the life that surrounds. Unbothered. Unfazed. Unconcerned about the woes and the wares and the cares of us human folk who could benefit from changing all the folklore. To take a chord from their chorus and find our individual rhythm in the cadence of our own spirit. To march to the beat of our own drummer instead of the orders of others. Lingering on truth that resides in our hearts and not on any channels or platforms. To partner with the Divine and not fear. To pause. To listen. To really hear~What’s being said and what isn’t ~in the quiet place you fear to enter. The realm of your soul~The dwelling of your spirit~The eternal you that elicits your power when you dare to remember who you really are…

~Audra Erwin

The “High on Life” Coach

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  1. Cheryl's Gravatar Cheryl
    May 25, 2020    

    Beautiful. You paint such a pretty picture with your words!

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