Mountain Mermaid


I once couldn’t live without the ocean

Now I crave the mountains

I long for the wide-open spaces

and fresh air

I savor the expansiveness

as it embraces my spirit

and draws me nearer to God

I desire quiet and harmony

with nature and its elements

I care not for the mainstream

or anything that would cause me

to swim in its direction

I much prefer my solitude

with my art and my heart

and all the things that light them both up

I imagine being out in the middle of nowhere

alone with my thoughts

and in good company with my lover

I look forward to the days when it’s just us

and the trees

swaying in a hammock

to the rustling of the breeze

And meanwhile, I’ll be right here

sitting underneath the cool shade

of my dreaming tree…

~Audra Erwin

The “High on Life” Coach

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