The Sacred Feminine


There’s nothing more beautiful than you…

The way you ease into the moment no matter which one you find yourself in.

Even those you rush into in a frenzy of un-relented hurriedness in a mad effort to make something happen.

Or the ones you crash into that you never saw coming.

Yes…You are beautiful in the midst of it ALL.

The way your spirit soars on the wings of expansion. Elevating your consciousness to see from new levels what’s working and what is not.

You’re beautiful in your grace even with the rough lacy edges that may appear around it causing you to itch for more.

Your feverish feral femininity flowing across the room in fits of fancy and fine flavors of fortitude.

Your wide-open arms holding space for it all in the heart of your womb whether you gave birth or not.

For you are a divine mother to the material world that is busting at the seams in tethered and torn pieces.

Sewing back together and mending with your eyes of faith.

Holding that child with love tightly between your legs until it stops crying.

Even the adult one in the body of a full-grown man.

And the kitchen of your heart with all the cabinets full of tears. Captured with labels of the moments that elicited their flow.

Every single one accounted for. For HONOR is your middle name and you give glory to what others would shame.

This is you, wild heart. The rebel with or without cause. The one who can pause and take it all in. And then breathe it back out while lifting your chin. Keeping your eyes firmly fixed on heaven above.

Trusting as always in the power of LOVE…

~Audra Erwin

The “High on Life” Coach

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  1. Cheryl's Gravatar Cheryl
    May 1, 2020    

    This is absolutely beautiful and definitely “book” worthy!

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