Surfing It Out


I woke up to these words displayed across my phone this morning. My Heart Will Sing Of Jesus~ and it certainly will. I sing praises of his peace for giving me the gift and ability to change my mind. To get creative. WHAT ELSE IS POSSIBLE?… This is the question I’m allowing to pinball its way through my brain. It’s useful. Helpful. An advocate working solutions on my behalf. Opening my mind and my heart with infinite options. Known and not yet even considered. A rabbit hole that won’t bury me in fear of worst-case scenarios. Keeping my vision out of the tunnel where light can lead me away from the dark clouds that can loom heavy, threatening to rain on the parade marching down the street of this very day. A mariachi band of birds and blessings playing music to my soul that I’d otherwise miss in the mess of things. Instead, I sit in the midst of ALL OF IT and find joy and peace.

Last night I allowed myself to unscrew the lid off the mason jar of sadness and disappointment that deserve to be accounted for. Honored and fully acknowledged.

I held them up to the light and turned them into sea glass and morphed into the waves of the ocean that in addition to Jesus, always purifies my soul.

After all salt, sadness, sand, and surf are the proper ingredients for divine exfoliation…

~Audra Erwin

The “High on Life” Coach

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