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Once upon a time, I was told not to wear white after Labor Day. We all were. Most of us complied. Because “they” said so. Following the status quo like a bunch of sheeple herded in by “Big Brother,” “The Joneses,” and the “Fashion Police.” I allowed it to apprehend my own spirit that just wanted to wear what it wanted to wear without care and yet my desire to NOT stand out, or rather “fit in” more accurately, kept those “out of season” articles draped on a hanger and hung back in my closet where my ego told me they belonged.

As I dressed myself this morning in a long blue jean skirt and white eyelet blouse, it dawned on me the absurdity of such compliance of this former belief that was handed down by another dictating what is and isn’t “in fashion” or how inappropriate it would be to bypass such a law that was just common knowledge.

I love now that my not so “common” sense overrides these old school concepts and ideals and accurately tells me I can wear whatever fancies my spirit despite popular opinion.

While I know the rules surrounding wearing white after Labor day have relaxed a bit, this reflection still serves as a great reminder of how easily we just go along with things because someone else tells us what is and isn’t appropriate and we just believe them and go along with it because they have titled themselves the “experts.” We have given over the power and authority to them without checking in first with or fully honoring our own soul and spirit and what it has to say about it.

So I’m curious where you may have bought into something that no longer fits this season of YOUR life.

Put that shit back on the hanger where it belongs and rock the outfit most becoming of your authentic self-expression.

Audra Erwin

The “High on Life” Coach

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  1. Cheryl Butcher's Gravatar Cheryl Butcher
    October 25, 2019    

    I love this one and needed it badly. I believe that I will wear white this winter to blend in with the snow and with a big, bulky sweater. I need to break more of the “should nots”. Thanks as ever for the encouragement to be myself!

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