The Long And Winding Road To Nowhere And Everywhere

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I love what I love. I like what I like. I fancy what I fancy. It’s my birthright. To pick and choose. To sift and sort. To say yes to this and no to that. To honor my nudges, my impulses, my truest desires. To not just go out on a limb to dangle there, but to cliff dive and free-fall into nothing and everything. To lick my own wounds until they heal. No matter how long it takes or however many different methods or ointments I try. My healing is my business. It is a process of un-processing. Of unpasterizing all that has become homogenized in this world hell-bent on freezing out our deepest authenticity. I’m fully committed to squeezing the juice out of life and savoring the sweet nectar that comes from my own extraction of it even if I get blisters on my hands or calluses on my feet. I will walk every mile. And peruse every square inch of the world that calls out to me. I’ll follow the direction of the wind as I see fit with the guidance of my soul’s compass. My True North that never leads me astray despite what others might say. The long and winding road is not just a Beatles song. It’s an anthem of humanity. A melody for the melancholy when we feel sadness that the journey doesn’t seem to be unfolding quite the way we’d hoped, trusting it will lead us to places far greater than we ever had the audacity to imagine. For God knows the way, the truth and the life that we were destined for and I will celebrate being on the map for such a time as this.

~Audra Erwin

The “High on Life” Coach

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