Receive And Believe


Someone sent this postcard to me last year. I have it pinned to my corkboard. Something told me today to share it with you…

Can you RECEIVE it?

It took me a long time to be able to fully RECEIVE.

To receive help, compliments or anything that validated my inherent worth and value.

I found it hard to feel worthy of anything due to all the layers of lies and beliefs that insinuated otherwise and often sabotaged the great things that were showing up as a reflection of the true nature of who I really am and what I’m worthy of having. It’s been a journey. I’m still on the road to recovering what was lost on the highway to hell. Those garments of truth scattered and left on the side of the road. I’ve gone back to collect them. And put those in my suitcase as I carry on. I am able to receive them now and find grace and compassion for myself in my inability to acknowledge it all as it was given. The timing is always perfect. We grow and evolve and that is what this entire life experience is about and that can’t happen without the contrast that is counter to our true nature that is love. This whole journey is a constant and never-ending return to the love that never ever leaves…

~Audra Erwin

The “High on Life” Coach

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