It’s Not Okay…



It’s not okay to use your words to convict with contempt

It’s not okay to spew the venom from the poison of your own unhealed hurts

onto that of another

It’s not okay to verbally punch with the fists of your tongue

and then offer temporary flowers

whose petals fall off just as quickly as they were given

It’s not okay to expect perfection out of partners or parties

when you yourself are equally as un-perfect

It’s not okay to lash out in the fury

of your emotional scorn

Hellbent on tearing down by making another cower

just so you can build yourself up

and feel elevated in your own power

It’s not okay for you to be a bully

It’s not okay for them to have to spit blood out of their mouth

when it’s your own heart that is bleeding


It’s not okay to have to take it like a (wo)MAN

putting up with bullshit was never part of the plan

It’s not okay to have your heart constantly ripped out of your chest

pinned and pressed under the heal of someone who claims that they love you

It’s not okay to give your power away

It’s not okay to not speak up

when your soul wants to shout

It’s not okay to be someone’s emotional punching bag

just in case you were in doubt

It’s not okay to cover it up

numb it away

or pretend it isn’t there

Instead, look it in the eyes and stare

with the most loving glare

And say ENOUGH.

I’ll endure no more.

I’ll find love for myself

and commit to the cure

I’ll draw strength from the depths of my very own being

and give love to my wounds from the party that inflicted

and send love to their wounds and the party that inflicted

so we can stop the cycle

and break the curses

We can help heal the hurts in each other

by being our own nurses

It’s no longer okay

to continue to let it be okay

Stop accepting the unacceptable

Let that day be today…


~Audra Erwin

The “High on Life” Coach





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  1. Cheryl Butcher's Gravatar Cheryl Butcher
    July 5, 2019    

    Very well said!

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