What do I do with all this love? Where do I put my heart when you held it in the palm of your hands?

How do I breathe when all I want to do is cry?

The memories wash over me in shades of your grace. Butterfly kisses from the wind fanned by your wings. Soaring ever higher with your guiding light. Adding blue from your eyes to the sky that’s gone gray. Peeking through the clouds to check in on me. Wiping my tears with your smile like you did so many times.

How do I be without you here for me to see? My True North that always spun me in the right direction.

My compass to God. The GPS of my soul. Holding the spotlight up to it with your spirit. Infusing me with truth time and time again.

Today I went to the beach and felt you in the ocean. Purified in the salt of the earth. Bathed in the arms of the holy spirit you now rest in. Returning home to your breath before it gave you life.

I see you making your rounds in Heaven. Greeting everyone with that infectious dose of your undivided presence and attention. Leaving remnants of your sunshine in the trails of your wake.

And I’m a little jealous. I want you here. With me. Always…

I want to bottle you up and wear you like perfume. I want the scent of your spirit to linger on me forever. And I know that it will. And I’m still meeting myself here. In the beauty of surrender. In letting you fly free and unencumbered. Blowing you kisses of gratitude for all you are, were and forever will be to me. To everyone you encountered. You were a special kind of wonderful with a heart of gold that sprinkled magic onto those fortunate enough to be touched by your grace.

Rest in Peace Grandma. Go sing high on that mountain and I will dance to the melody of your memory until I meet you there again when our souls reunite.

~Audra Erwin

The “High on Life” Coach

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  1. Cheryl Butcher's Gravatar Cheryl Butcher
    June 7, 2019    

    Such a beautiful tribute! So heart warming…..

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