It’s Just Like Me…


The other day I found myself saying, “It’s just like me to…” (basically attract a similar dynamic, yet again into my experience). I noticed the phrase as it came out of my head. “It’s just like me to…”

As soon as I became aware of that statement, I grabbed my journal and started making a list of “it’s just like me too’s…” and let my feelings go all over the page along with my ink as if to purge my closet of all of the other “it’s just like me’s”. (ie, “It’s just like me to be all in about something one minute and then over it the next.”) This is the gift of pattern recognition. And in my ability to own and be with it honestly and without judgment, I was able to find clues in what rolled out. I captured information that is useful. Helpful to me if I choose to harness my own feedback and use it as fuel for my creativity and to pave a new pathway to something more serving.

Doing this exercise for myself gave me the opportunity to have a deeper look at why this may be so beyond the not so disempowering statement of “it’s just like me.” I say that because we can find power in anything if we pause, reflect and see it that way.

After allowing the first set to say its peace and ultimately finding peace in it, I laundry listed a whole set of other truths I’m present to, like, “It’s just like me to help others see the light of their own truth.” “It’s just like me to realign myself whenever I go sideways.” “It’s just like me to hold the mirror up to myself and do the work and then turn around and share what I learned and how it helped me grow.”

So “it’s just like me” is a very empowering statement when turned on its axis. Not to bypass and hop straight to the garden of glory. But to pause and pluck the weeds that may be choking the roses.

And roses aren’t roses without the thorns that strengthen the branches they rest their bloom upon.

And I love that “it’s just like me” to paint a picture with pen to illustrate a point. The one that always leads me to a greater sense of freedom for myself.

Deep down I believe that is what we all seek.

The freedom to BE~ with what is~

That is just like us…

~Audra Erwin

The “High on Life” Coach


  1. Cheryl Butcher's Gravatar Cheryl Butcher
    May 30, 2019    

    Thank you again for showing us the way! Turning something we use to criticize ourselves into something to elevate us to a new level. You are such an inspiration!

    • Audra Erwin's Gravatar Audra Erwin
      May 31, 2019    

      Thank you Cheryl! I miss you…xo

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