An Invitation To The Masculine



Dear Men,

Have you ever been told these words or uttered them yourself???

~Quit your crying.

~Quit acting like a sissy.

~You wanna cry? I’ll give you a reason to cry…

~Don’t be such a baby.

~Suck it up.

~Big boys don’t cry.

~You’re fine. (even when you weren’t)


~It’s not that bad (when really it was)

or a whole list of other verbally abusive emotional smackdowns???

Unfortunately, all too many of us weren’t allowed to be with our feelings. Especially men.

They were shamed out of us. Made wrong and judged harshly to our innocent young self. So we stuffed them into the dark recesses of our human framework. Bypassing them. Displacing them. Numbing them or filtering them through an inauthentic way of being as a means of acceptance for what was clearly not acceptable.

Well, my male friends. Those same feels, past hurts, and stored traumas are still alive and active in the memory of your cells and it’s time they got the airspace they deserved.

That boy that never was allowed to air the truth of those incidents and experiences is tugging on the heartstrings of your future, begging you to let go of what you may not even be aware of that you’ve been dragging around. Baggage is energy and it’s heavy. And whether you realize it or not it’s wreaking havoc on your current relationships, health and wellbeing.

There’s been a lot of talk about “Toxic Masculinity” lately and it’s effects on society. Further causing you to shut down in shame or resignation. And I can understand that. What was beat out of you as a kid became an inauthentic way of expressing and now you are feeling beaten up all over again, further reinforcing and proving just how very “wrong” you are.

And you’re not wrong. Just out of alignment with the true essence of your soul and spirit. And Incongruent with the real fiber of your being and masculine core.

What’s really toxic is the unexpressed hurts, feelings, and emotions that weren’t properly dealt with due to the shaming as children that now have become even more shaming as adults.

And equally as toxic are the angry verbal swings and spewings from the upset female parties (also understandably so) who too are doing their best to reconcile what wasn’t able to be properly voiced out of our own set of fears.

You see. We. Are. All. Navigating. The. Best. That. We. Can. With. Where. We. Are. And we are all deep down wanting the same thing. To connect. Openly. Truthfully. Organically and authentically. And not be made wrong for it.

So I bring to you lovelies of the male persuasion, my feminine heart. Unencumbered. Because I have done the work. Gone through my own clearing and healing of deep core wounds. And fully committed to holding space for and honoring the whole of it. The entire gamut. The good, bad, ugly and indifferent and wanting it to be different. Desiring for unity and harmony for all parties involved.

So this is me with arms wide open, inviting you into the sacred space of my feminine energy, that knows love and speaks truth with grace and compassion. Humility and understanding.

Wouldn’t it be nice to NOT feel like you were damned if you did and damned if you didn’t?

Well, I’ll be damned if I didn’t offer you the services of my soul that calls me to help heal the boy so the man that you really are can appear unapologetically.

Let me be the safe container of support to help you rediscover your freedom that will be the very catalyst to having you live a more authentically powerful life.

Please message me for support.

I’ve got your back so you can lead the way you were always meant to…

With divine love to your heart from mine,

~Audra Erwin

The “High on Life” Coach

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