A Divine Clearing

Woman feeling free in a beautiful natural setting.

I just got off the ride. And I’m finding my new legs. Standing firmly on faith. A little wobbly in my ability to focus on what is before me now which is nothing. A blank canvas. A fresh start. A clean slate. No longer chasing the dream. No more running away from or towards those things that brought me pain or that I thought would bring me the joy that would mask it. A new set of lungs. Breathing in all sorts of possibilities and having no attachments to any of it. Untethered from the life I had puppeted myself on. Cutting my own apron strings, finding my purse strings severed as well and threading them back together from a new perspective untainted with the fibers of lack and scarcity that had embedded themselves into my eight-year-old nervous system. Disassembling all of the assembly line protocol. Feeling a bit foreign in my state of euphoria induced by nothing but the sheer divine will to live by the guidelines of precisely that. Not my will. Thy will be done. I handed over the reins to God and let Jesus take the wheel. It feels much more freeing being the passenger. Telling him where I want to go and letting him take me there or somewhere greater. Showing me the way. Pointing out all of the beauty along the way. Trusting him fully. Having fun because I know his way is far better than mine that got me a little lost. A lot lost in fact. Lost in the translation of my soul. Letting my ego take charge thinking it knew better how to navigate this human experience when it only ever had its own agenda in mind.

So I’m curious at 47 and a half years of life on earth, what the Universe has in store for me. How the story will end? What will I become now after the unbecoming? My identity disassembled for good cause. I kinda really believe all my dreams are coming true, for me and you Laverne and Shirley. The real ones. The ones born authentically of my heart. Planted by Christ himself. Watered by faith. Curated by curiosity. Dancing. Teaching. Playing. Laughing. Creating. Loving. All the things of my childhood that brought me immense joy. Sheer pleasure in and through my own self-expression alone. Looking to nothing outside of me for my entertainment. Knowing that I am my own. Full in the fulfillment of my very own being. My divine essence shaking its groove thing inside of me just for the sake of being alive! This is what it means to be Alive. High on life. Finding the joy in and of and through one’s self. That’s the real deal. That’s what it means to be in the world and not of it. To rise above it and soar on the wings of Eagles. Witnessing heaven on earth from the vantage point of truth. Letting the sun rise and fall without falling prey to the human way which is to say and not convey. To dictate and not express fully and freely what flows naturally like a waterfall and that is love. The purest form of grace not rubbed in your face, more like smelling salts under your nose to wake you up from the restless slumber of your soul trapped in the illusion that has you sleepwalking. Carrying you through the covering of the veil so you can see who you really are…Who you’ve always been…

~Audra Erwin

The “High on Life” Coach

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  1. Cheryl Butcher's Gravatar Cheryl Butcher
    May 2, 2019    

    So beautifully written. I love it!

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