Fathoming The Alternative

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Can you stay in the room with yourself no matter what? Even if you believe that someone is mad at you including yourself?

Can you not abandon the ship of your own soul with the slightest notion you did something “wrong?”

Can you instead lean into the truth and prop your heart open with it?

Can you be okay with things not being okay?

Can you bless the situation exactly as it is?

Can you see the grace hovering above it when you’ve yet to see the evidence of its presence?

Can you elevate your mind to touch the healing of the heavens?

Can you let go of holding on? To people. Things. Stories. Or fixed ideas that keep you stuck?

Can you expand your soul to wrap itself around the infinite possibilities vying for your attention instead of clinging to the rails of the all too familiar?

Can you pause to your pulse and keep rhythm with your soul?

Can you dangle your courage off the cliff of your desire even without seeing the net of your worth?

Can you build a deeper muscle of faith and exercise it to the fullest of your wildest imagination?

Can you find grace in the face of another even if you think it’s ugly?

Can you speak your truth even if your voice cracks the precious vases that hold their own wilted flowers?

Can you breathe deeply into the heart of God and let him handle all of the above?

Can you pause and connect with yourself and the rest of the world and show it all some love?…

Will you…?

~Audra Erwin

The “High on Life” Coach


  1. Paula's Gravatar Paula
    April 19, 2019    

    Such great questions here, Audra. Contemplating the answers… Love you!

  2. Cheryl Butcher's Gravatar Cheryl Butcher
    April 19, 2019    

    Great questions and worthy of serious contemplation!

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