Divine Acclimation


I can feel the trauma trying to cooperate

Finally willing to purge itself out of my cellular memory

My nervous system is nervous and doesn’t know how to act

yet it does and that’s precisely what it’s doing

It’s trying to comply with the old ways and the new ways

and is doing its best to navigate both forces

They are strong

Playing tug of war

one wanting to stay with what’s familiar

the other wanting the benefits of the upgrades

I don’t like the purging process

It’s messy


Painful at times

I feel sick as the poison tries to leave my body

Nauseous from whatever is playing out from so long ago

embedded in the fibers of those experiences

that have woven me throughout time and space

like a plague that has been passed down for generations

suppressed for decades and lifetimes

And it’s been plaguing me

It’s desperately wanting to acclimate itself

to my preferred climate and more comfortable temperature

and it’s used to being on that old setting

So I breathe into the discomfort in an effort to soothe “ourselves”

My spirit within its container built on my behalf

And I’ll keep breathing and breathing

like the song playing on the radio

acting as a midwife to the process

and lovingly remember that we’re birthing something new…


~Audra Erwin

The “High on Life” Coach

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