Breath Of Heaven

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I wonder now if you can remember

The truth once told to you

Whispered in the ear

of the newborn baby, you were



Excitedly ready

to leap into this life experience

without fear

or even the notion of there needing to be a net

Just complete trust

and knowing

all your deepest desires

and needs would fully be met

Can you remember for a moment

that breath of heaven

blown into the womb

of your very creation

Expanding you into a life

of a million horizons

and stirring in you an unending cauldron

of determination to chase every rainbow

that highlights the mountain tops

you’ve always imagined yourself on

Breathe into your own being

if just for the moment

and let the inhalation fill you once more

and elevate you to soar

far above any adversity you may find yourself in


You ARE the mountain

The rainbow

and every shade that comprises its epic beauty

You are the quickening of your own heart

and the very source of that which birthed you into being

before you were even a blink of your mother’s eye

Conceive of this my friend

this truth I tell

that will save you from a life of hell

You are the heaven

found deep within

and when you find yourself tangled in the weeds of strife

remember this


and begin again…


~Audra Erwin

The “High on Life” Coach

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