Presenting My “Rhythm & Blues” Workshop


I’m so excited to be back on the Space Coast to lead my favorite full day “Rhythm & Blues” Workshop!

Right now many of our souls are whispering (some of them screaming…) to let the caged bird sing!

Have you been feeling disconnected from your true essence? Feel like there is a side to your spirit that has been suppressed under societies standards and a set of rules and beliefs, that is longing to be expressed in its fullness and entirety?

Are you ready to surrender into the wild audacity of your authentic nature unapologetically, no matter what anyone else may think?

If any part of you is nodding in agreement come join me Sunday March 3rd  2019 from 10-5pm for my “High on Life” “Rhythm and Blues” Workshop where I have created a safe container for you to find your inner rhythm and lose your blues, so you can live the fully expressed life you know you were meant to.

Our greatest suffering doesn’t come from outside circumstances as much as our internal ones that know when we are settling for less than the fulfillment of our fullest potential and truest desires. And the only way to align with our truth is to be the full embodiment of our whole and complete selves.

You have a beat, a pulse and a frequency that is distinctively yours and through this interactive, experiential workshop, I will lead you back into alignment with the cadence and rhythm that is your unique and sacred dance with the divine being inside of you.

You will leave this workshop marching to the beat of your own drummer. Emitting a vibe that has you even more magnetic to others. Drawing in your deepest desires and having the ability to fully receive them; Knowing you are more than worthy and fully deserving.

Imagine what it would feel like to be powerfully standing in your truth with a renewed sense of self. Reconnected and recalibrated to your true core essence? Exuding a refreshing confidence that leaves others around you feeling lighter just by being in your presence.

Through your own personal liberation and heart opening expansion, you are sure to emerge from this experience truly feeling HIGH ON LIFE.

In our time together…

You will be guided to:

~Learn the power of acceptance

~Tap into your own inner wisdom that is holding sacred information for you

~Let go of inhibitions and unleash your inner goddess

~Reconnect to your true essence and authentic core

~Feel safe, grounded and connected to your body in new and more loving ways

~Surrender, let go and learn to go with the FLOW…

~Honor your soul, self, and spirit. Totally, wholly and completely…

What to expect:




~Tears may happen…let them. It’s time to RELEASE…


~SOULFUL, LOVING BONDS with a new circle of sisters

In preparation of:

~The cost of the event is $97 and includes a light healthy lunch

~It will be held from 10-5pm Sunday, March 3rd at Downtown Dance Factory at 815 E. Strawbridge Avenue in Downtown Melbourne, Florida 32901

~Wear comfortable clothing and bring a yoga mat and a light blanket if you have one

~Bring a journal and pen

~This is a safe space and sacred container for healing through movement and connection to self and others

~Let go of any preconceived ideas or expectations. This is the place to surrender it all and let it all go. It’s time…

Welcome to your soul’s realignment.

I’m here to help you turn the beat around…

~Audra Erwin

Your “High on Life” Coach

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