Lack Is Whack


What you may not know…

I’m not rolling in the dough.

I was going to write far from it and that is not true. Actually, I’m closer to it than ever. Because I’m at the threshold of lack and scarcity in the realm of financial peace. It’s been a long time coming. The relationship I’ve had with money has been turbulent. Smooth sailing for a while and then feeling like death as it threatens to take me down. You see I too am humaning. As we all are. There are parts and pieces of ourselves we don’t want to own or admit, yet in the admission is where the freedom comes and in the freedom the container is created to receive. To receive that which was blocked energetically by the force field of resistance. Pushing back and pushing away. Repelling that very thing that you’ve been wanting to receive. And I believe in an abundant Universe. That prosperity is a divine birthright bestowed upon each of us if we are willing to make room for it. There’s no room for it when fear is subconsciously saying no. And so I’m met with the ugly truth that will turn into pretty pearls of wisdom for myself and others. I no longer punish myself profusely for “getting it wrong” because I know I never can. I’m learning and evolving and living out of my past conditioning and taking up one brick, one layer at a time in order to pave a smoother road for the path I am now walking. Inviting transformation to take place through love, grace, and acceptance. I get to choose to clean up any area in my life that isn’t in alignment with the full abundance that is my nature. And this is just an area. Under construction and understandable based on my beliefs buried in the deepest recesses of my mind from decades of reinforcement. It takes time to create new neuropathways that lead to something better. Mostly my commitment. To claim, declare and decree what shall now be. And doing everything within the realm of my new understanding and inspired action to bring about lasting change. Finally owning my value and claiming my worth and honoring myself to charge accordingly without fear that no one will pay. That’s ridiculous. I collapse time. I’ve paid the price and the dues to lend the clues to take a shortcut around the pain that seems to prevail in those other committed souls seeking healing for themselves.

We get to grow through this together. After all, that is how it works. Teaching what we have already mastered and what we most need to learn simultaneously. It can all co-exist. In fact, that is precisely why we are here. To experience it all. To expand and evolve in EVERYTHING. Mostly our understanding. Through heart and soul the compassion campus that aids in our higher learning. So this is where I continue to reveal in order to heal. Self and others through authenticity and openness. I fear not others judgments because they no longer matter. I wish they never did, however, that was part of the journey so I’ll retract that statement and say I’m glad they don’t now and see how much freedom I have that I no longer do. And because that is so, I am now sharing this with you…

~Audra Erwin

The “High on Life” Coach


  1. Cheryl Butcher's Gravatar Cheryl Butcher
    February 19, 2019    

    Thank you for sharing. And, oh, by the way, YOU are PRICELESS!!!!

    • Audra Erwin's Gravatar Audra Erwin
      February 20, 2019    

      I love you, Cheryl. Thank you…xo

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