A Resolve To Love


I see so much finger pointing, wrong making, judgment and blame in the defense of things all supposedly in the name of love. And love needs no defense. It just heals and transforms through its power alone.

We can bring awareness to things and shine light on the subject, highlighting a new and different perspective without wrong making. Otherwise, we are just doing the same thing as the other party in our attempt to defend. Killing off connection.

Love has a conversation through an open invitation. It doesn’t contain or exude any ounce of energy that is combative and closing. It leads through compassion and curiosity. Invoking awareness that leads to awakening. It doesn’t point fingers and blame or thumb its nose at.

It sees ignorance through innocence not condemnation through judgment.

It always acts to solve and resolve and dissolve the blocks and barriers that keep it out. Not reinforce an emotional shutdown cutting off its supply.

It encourages and welcomes. It invites and invokes. It allows and aligns itself to the solution. It never identifies with a problem.

It only sees all things as itself. Pure~Innocent~Transcended~ Holy even through the human elements shading its vibrant color of truth.

And this is what ends wars~mends hearts~and changes the world…In fact, It’s the only thing that ever will.

~Audra Erwin

The “High on Life” Coach

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