Moments In Time


Memories line the bottom of her dresser drawer. Snapshots from yesterday in black and white print reminding her of days gone by. Undeveloped dreams hidden out of sight as not to inflict the pain of regret. Not wanting to put them in albums and seal in their fate, she kept them where they could breathe. Where she exposed the idea of them flying into her reality, if only for a moment, while time traveling through her minds eye back to yesteryear. These are far too often the conversations of those whose life has crept into the years that seemed so far out. The tiny pangs of “if only…” felt through the lines on their face regarding the ones they failed to draw in the sand. Those threshold moments that shift it all.

You can see through their eyes the stars that once twinkled, begging you to learn from their wisdom and experience. Pleading through their heartstrings for you to dance to the rhythm of your own and not be pulled in directions and distractions that drown out the music we all have inside of us.

~Audra Erwin

The “High on Life” Coach

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