Dear Hurting People


Dear hurting people~

I feel your heart, breaking from the pressure you are under while carrying the weight of the world on your very human shoulders.

I see you trying to draw a smile on your face in an effort to convince yourself and the world that it really isn’t that bad. Afraid of being labeled or judged for not having it “all together.” These not so perfect “conditions” so ingrained and entrained.

Know that you aren’t alone, though you may feel that way at times. Even in a crowded room.

It’s definitely not all roses and sunshine. Nor is it all doom and gloom. It’s just winter and this is only a season. Soon the clouds will move away and reveal the hidden reason.

Know it is all happening FOR you, even when your eyes cannot see.

Trust me, my friend, I have been there. And it was the trial that helped set me free.

~Audra Erwin

The “High on Life” Coach


PS  Sending virtual hugs

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