Vision Quest

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What is your vision quest?

That undeniable pull tugging on your heartstrings. The whisper, cry or silent murmur of your heart longing to awaken your spirit on behalf of your soul?

What is the yearning that aches in your bones? What truth is beckoning for expression through your unique and divine spark in human form?

How does it feel to put off what is begging to be birthed? Who is suffering as a result of your resistance or resigning? Don’t you know your lack of obedience is death itself? Killing your dreams and decaying your body. Won’t you bring the image closer? The one that shows the highlight real from your courage. The one displaying the gifts and rewards and fruits of your wild audacity to say yes no matter who or what may be dangling fear above your pretty head.

What would it mean to your pleasure principle to bask in the relief of its unchained melody?

Why would you deny your inner hero the honor of its own rescue?

Let down your guarded ego that has built your prison walls. Let it be crushed under the pressure it once put on you with the punctuation of its incessant question mark keeping you confused.

Take the period and use it to your advantage as you call and claim in now what is no longer negotiable or up for debate. Let your inquisitive mind mingle with your spirit to devise a plan aligned with the divine will of your ethereal nature.

Ride the winds of your success through the elements of change and allow it to transform you from caterpillar to butterfly. From clay to the pot designed by the great potter’s wheel as your receptacle of receivership to catch all of your desires and then spread them like magic before your ashes return to dust.

This my friend, your soul whispers is a must…

~Audra Erwin

The “High on Life” Coach

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