The Grand Illusion



In the non-traditional fashion of the new year, I resolve to resign from any kind of pressure I consciously or unconsciously seek to place on myself. I refuse to sign up for every impulse that speaks to that place and part of false sense of lack. That whip that cracks and strikes from behind the galloping ego needing to pursue and conquer, prove and pronounce. I denounce those old frameworks born of achievement and give way to the silent surrender of grace and its wanderlust filled with curiosity for the divine unfolding beckoning to reveal itself. Layer by layer. Uncovering the mystery and magic born of this life. Generous in its pure intent. Filled with certainty for the inevitability. A wheel taken by the hands of the divine while I ENJOY, IN JOY that which tantalizes my spirit in its full and unique creative expression. Longing for nothing. Striving; non-existent for my existence. Allowing each moment to dance the divine choreography, performed through spirit and the cast of characters lending themselves to the moment; the situation; the lesson, learning or sheer entertainment. This play is all-inclusive. Nothing gets singled out or sorted and labeled. It’s one born of its own rights of passage and nothing again will ever pass this way. The perfect revealing of a grand illusion…

~Audra Erwin

The “High on Life” Coach


  1. Cheryl Butcher's Gravatar Cheryl Butcher
    January 2, 2019    

    Well said!!!!!

    • Audra Erwin's Gravatar Audra Erwin
      January 8, 2019    

      Thanks, Cheryl!

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