Giving Leeway To Intention


Maybe sometimes you’re not meant to push through.

Perhaps there’s power and purpose in the pause.

What if resistance was our friend and ally and not the enemy with a bad rap?

What if the seeming stall in progress were simply a rev up in disguise?

Last year this time, I declared some things for myself that I aired and shared with the world that didn’t fully actualize, yet they did in other ways.

In years past I would have made this wrong and feared the judgment of others and self for my “lack of follow through” on those declarations.

Sometimes you have to tune inward to what your highest truth and God says, not the outward manifestations of what the world says.

There is realignment happening. A recalibration of truth that I’ve needed to come into alignment with. One more in flow and in harmony with my feminine nature. One that isn’t from forced will or any energy of pushing and striving. Instead, allowing. Receiving guidance, direction, and rerouting at times that may go against a previous claim or declaration.

The intent is still there and the timing will divinely align with those intentions. I trust that.

This is from a place of whole and heart-centered truth, not a convenient excuse for procrastination and our spirit knows the difference.  It matters none what others may think.

I’m more in tune than ever to the flow and process of life that is born of the essence and true nature of grace, flow, and ease. It is my soul’s proper alignment with my spirit.

Anything else that acts to push against, I breathe into and allow it to wash over me. I don’t push back or force my engagement with it, instead, I align with the force that is within me and use it to navigate me to where the source that sustains my very existence would have me to be. Which I’m always finding is in the HERE AND NOW…

~Audra Erwin

The “High on Life” Coach


  1. Cheryl Butcher's Gravatar Cheryl Butcher
    December 31, 2018    

    So very profound. I am so glad that you are sharing your process with us. It shows us how this journey is definitely a process with lots of twists and turns!!!!

  2. Kelly's Gravatar Kelly
    December 31, 2018    

    LOVE you and I so appreciate the permission I receive through your writing to be okay in my skin and embrace myself right where I am. Happy New Year lovely.

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