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It’s okay to take some time to reconfigure. Life is colorful. Born of innate desires and passions that are full throttle one minute then fleeting the next. It doesn’t mean we are wandering aimlessly or fickle like we were conditioned to believe. It means we are navigating through choice. Sifting and sorting and selecting what feels sovereign in our nature. It is the dance of the spirit to move to the rhythms and timings of what calls us. Much like how the waves are tied to the puppet strings of the moon, wind, and rain. Our hearts are tethered to the strings of the Divine, moving us accordingly and when we choose to surrender into the dance and go with the proverbial flow instead of tugging against what naturally wants to lead us in a new and different direction, it becomes joyful and easy. When we stop questioning the motives of mother nature and just allow her to realign everything to the bosom of our own beingness, we will find rest. We will no longer care about status or anything that acts to validate our worthiness. We can simply just be in the midst of all of it. The ever-changing dynamics of this thing called life. And we can live through a WHOLE new lens. One that isn’t skewed like some kind of special rose-colored glasses filtering out all the unwanted. This lens is one that sees all of it through divine discernment and breathes into the truth of what it all means even when we have no idea. We are in complete trust of the creator of the Universe and all the undertakings of this HUMAN EXPERIENCE. When we meld with what we want to make malleable we become reacquainted with truth. When we finally see that there is no separation, only the illusion that this is so, will our suffering end. We are all one.

~Audra Erwin

The “High on Life” Coach

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