In The Spirit Of It All

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What if we never stopped believing in Santa Clause? What would life be like if we always stayed open and curious, with the childlike wonder born of our innocence? What if we always believed for the best in things instead of worried that somehow our house may get skipped over or somehow the bringer of our gifts won’t fit inside our particular sized chimney? That’s ridiculous. God doesn’t show favoritism. We are all his favorites. Some may feel more favored than others only because of their ability to receive and be grateful with even the smallest of things. What we appreciate appreciates. Always.

So don’t fear if you lack the holiday cheer. After all, we are humaning. This is just an invitation to pause and find the grace that is seriously all over the place. And when you encounter it, let the magic flood your spirit with the unconditional love that is forever waiting to wrap its arms around you…

~Audra Erwin

The “High on Life” Coach


  1. Paula's Gravatar Paula
    December 16, 2018    

    Thank you so much for this reminder, Audra! I seem to be doing a lot of humaning right now, but I am accepting that and allowing myself to remember all this is for me. :-) Love you!

    • Cheryl Butcher's Gravatar Cheryl Butcher
      December 17, 2018    

      Gratitude does seem to be the ticket to an awesome life. So easy, yet not necessarily simple!

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