Shred The Paper


Hi, I’m Audra Erwin, and I’m a paper shredder…

Several years ago, I started shredding paper. Radically.

The paper that I and everyone else was supposed to “look good on.”

The same paper everything that was anything had to “make sense” on.

Yep. I took and threw those sheets to the wind. The ones full of expectations and regurgitated, crusty old passed down beliefs and societal stigmas formed and backed by the status quo. And said hell no to them. I shredded the heck out of them and now I’m making confetti out of what I scrapped.

You see, some things in my life looked really good “on paper.” So good, in fact, it took me a long time to align with my souls calling to burn those pages that held all the boats in my safety harbor.

Besides, who wants to stay inside the lines anyway?! Not me. How insanely boring!

It wasn’t easy setting fire to those pages. It was initially hard until it wasn’t. The more I chose faith over fear, the easier it became and a new muscle in trust was built.

I’m now entering into my second decade of making paper mache out of those old notebooks that were binding and constricting my authentic self-expression and ultimate truth.

I stopped planning according to that paper it all needed to “make sense” on. Having to check all the boxes first before my spirit could be granted permission to spread its wings and fly…Yep. It didn’t fly with me, so I opted for a different set of wings. Ones formed of grace and built on FAITH.

I’m always blessed when I align my soul and spirit with the grace of God, instead of shoving my forced will through a filter, box, and framework built by Big Brother and its fearful watching eye.

And now this is how I fly…

With sturdier wings that allow me to soar.

Ever higher.

~Audra Erwin

The “High on Life” Coach

If you’d like support in burning those “ruled” pages so you can set the world on fire with YOUR authentic truth versus societies soul-crushing standards, then I invite you to join my torch party.

Join my FB Community over at High on Life Central, or message me for more details.

I’m also happy to jump on a call with you to explore what’s here for you in the realm of your own freedom of expression.

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