Only Love


“True beauty will always remain in the quiet innocence hidden from the eye that was trained away from it.“ –Audra Erwin

It’s always there. The core true essence of who we really are. Covered up in all the layers of our humanity. Blanketed in fear and the disease to please anyone other than our most sacred of selves. LOVE. And not the fluffy, cotton candy, sugary sweet Hallmark kind. True quintessential love. Purest in its most epic of nature. It’s here waiting always. In the corridors of our homes, hearts, and hearths. Patiently and unwaveringly still. Graceful and calm in the midst of all that prevents it from being noticed. Open, it waits, with loving arms of truth. Catching you time and time again and stealing your breath. It raids your frantic moments when you’ve simply had enough. It recognizes the white flags and the red ones, no matter which you are waiving, it is waiting…To whisper in your ear until you cannot hear anything else…

~Audra Erwin

The “High on Life” Coach

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Audra Erwin High on  Life Coach