Alchemy Of Truth


I’m not a seeker

I’m a knower in who I am

It took a long time to find “out there”

what has always been “in here”

Looking to others

in books

and clergy

in fellow man

Thinking they knew better than the divine

The “One Mind” that is part of my own

The one that holds the wisdom and truth

in the seat of my soul

The one I can trust above all

That still small voice that speaks


and loudly

depending on the circumstance

The one I trust


and completely

The one who wins out

even when the world comes into disagreement

with my particular truth

For it is mine

given of me by the spirit

in and through my own

I am an expression of the divine

and I will honor it fully

without waiver or fail

no matter what “they” say

It leaves me to honor others

and their respective paths

no matter if it aligns with mine or not

How dare I judge

what some call the judge and jury

for that only creates fury

and disrupts the soul

and prevents the light

from shining us out of the caves of darkness

we built for ourselves


~Audra Erwin

The “High on Life” Coach

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