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I’ve recently been asked if I worry that sharing my personal musings will deter potential clients from wanting to work with me. That people “expect” me to be the full representation of “High on Life” since that is what I claim to be. And the answer is NO. I’m not afraid. I’m liberated. It is, in fact, the very thing that truly DOES make me high on life. When we are fully expressed human beings, we are walking embodiments of unconditional self-love and exuding unconditionally, self-love through the art of full self-expression is the very thing that makes us High on Life. It’s natural. It’s internal. It is pure, innate and real. It is perfect and divine alignment. In this state, we feel full because we know we are. Aligning to this highest truth of who we really are is us being in our wholeness and completeness. When we are whole and complete we don’t need external fill-ups. God gave us this HUMAN experience to FULLY experience through all the multifaceted ranges of divine and perfect contrast and a set of emotions to help us navigate our way through it. It would not be a part of our human experience if it were not so.

Expressing my truth makes me relatable. So, this “High on Life” Coach will always share her heart, mind, soul, and spirit in all its beautiful, wild, messy and wonderful glory. To me, the world needs more authentic leadership because quite honestly most of us are tired of the polished and perfected model of bullshit and deeply desire to connect to something real, true and profound in our collective humanity. Expressing our truth is what makes us credible, trustworthy and deeply respected and allows others to feel safe to embrace and express their own.

We must be the change we wish to see in the world. So my soulful sharing is me starting with the man in the mirror and I’m inviting us all to connect to and feel the wild intimacy of our own uniquely amazing and beautiful spirits.

~Audra Erwin

The “High on Life” Coach


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  1. Cheryl Butcher's Gravatar Cheryl Butcher
    November 5, 2018    

    I completely agree. You are truly authentic and very real and that is what this world needs more of!!!!

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