A Chip Off The Old Block

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What if your creativity is NOT blocked? What if it’s just calling you in a different direction? Or in an entirely new direction for that matter. What if it’s your spirit pressing pause? What if it’s a leg up and not a block? What if instead you are being asked to explore something else that may help you resurrect the very essence of what you are feeling blocked around? Sometimes we get caught up in all the “wrongness” of things. That we immediately make it mean something is “wrong.” Labeling it “writer’s block” and adhering to the sticky residue of being “stuck creatively” or other variations of these things. And what if it’s not the case? What if it’s just a subconscious un-inspiration to be inspired to try and explore something new that has been calling to you that you continue to press pause on? Maybe it’s time to hit play on that very thing. What if it’s time… and instead of exploring it we continue to spin our wheels trying to get out of our stuckness instead of honoring the chill factor while warming up to the idea of the something new?

I’m exploring this right now. Because while I have felt stagnant in my writing lately, I clearly don’t have writer’s block. I know I can sit and write at any given point in time about anything. And the truth is I’ve been super uninspired to sit and write for whatever reason. And I LOVE writing. Writing is a super, major passion of mine. And I could easily go into all the reasons and panics of “what’s the matter with me,” “why am I stuck,” and worried and freaked out as to how to “fix” “the problem.” Making a whole bunch of crappy meanings and getting caught up in the filters that something is broken here. Instead, I’m meeting myself where I am. Compassionately Curious. Leaning in to understand that maybe there is a reason why I’m bored or MEH about it right now. When I honor the pause and allow myself to look deeper at it, what really surfaces for me is there is something else calling for me to explore. I’ve built a strong and solid muscle with this daily blog thing and mastered my commitment to showing up fully to writing and it’s time to build a new muscle and new leg of my platform that involves more speaking. It’s time for me to step out of my comfort zone. It’s very comfortable for me to be behind the keyboard and write my daily blog because I’m comfortable with it now and I wasn’t in the beginning. I stretched myself. And so now it’s time to stretch myself again and get comfortable with the uncomfortable which requires me to be more visibly seen. So I’m making a new commitment to show up and build a new muscle for what has been on the back burner now boiling over to get my attention. I’m going to thank my creative writing pause and press play and explore a new outlet for my self-expression.

Something to consider here…

What if we aren’t blocked at all. Just called to shift our attention to a new area to explore that will expand us even more on our growth journey that is a catalyst in our being fully expressed?

Thank the pause. Press play.  And say yes to what calls to you now…

Conceivably yours,

~Audra Erwin

The “High on Life” Coach







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