On Being “TOO MUCH”


People may not be ready for you

You may be “too much” for them

Too open

Too honest

Too raw and real

Too authentic in your ability

and capacity to feel

Your doing so fucks with the filters

they still find themselves running through

How dare you hold the light

to what still makes the darkness scurry

No don’t you worry…

You’re right on time

Sharing and airing

so others can feel free

in their own desire to breathe

and simply just BE

Let them leave if they leave

Let them hate if they must

After all, it is only themselves they are really hating

For true love knows of no such thing

It can’t conjure for another

what it doesn’t have for itself

So go ahead and be TOO MUCH

Celebrate it in fact

Remember once there was a time

you felt NOT ENOUGH

To me this is growth

And so is not caring

When you’ve been feeling and expressing

and accused of oversharing…


~Audra Erwin

The “High on Life” Coach

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