Meeting Our Mirrors

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Every day we meet our mirrors. Many (mini) reflections of ourselves often unbeknownst to our conscious minds. When we awaken to this truth, it becomes fascinating to see ourselves in and through the actions and behaviors of others.

I have a friend that I’ve recently connected with that is the poster child of my own sometimes frustrating behaviors. Funny thing is, I’m not at all frustrated with her one bit in these patterns and behaviors, which is a good thing. In fact, it’s a great thing, for therein lies compassion for myself that her mirror has reflected in me. I see clearly the similarities that are keeping us both stuck in a spin cycle keeping us from moving forward in certain areas of our lives that we feel really pulled towards. There’s no judgment. Only awareness. I see through this particular mirror what many have been probably labeled with as ADD. It’s a condition of our human, not a condition requiring a diagnosis and label.

When we understand the fundamental underlinings of why we act in certain ways (in this case our patterns of distraction and avoidance) we can clearly see and understand the inner dynamics of the outer workings and heal what needs to be healed and dealt with in order to function at higher and higher levels that better serve us. Nowhere contained in this awareness is a fundamental flaw that can only be helped with a pill and a glass of water to swallow it with. Only the truth underlying need be swallowed and sometimes that in itself can be a bitter pill. Only when we get still enough and quiet enough to go within and ask our higher self through its own awareness can we really get to the heart and core of what is really going on that is keeping us misaligned with our deepest and truest desires.

So, I invite you to start observing people in your world from a new vantage point. One of pure and total curiosity of what is present and see that everything is a DIVINE reflection of us. The more we do this and the more present we are to the present moment and what’s contained within it, the more love and compassion we will find for ourselves and others.

Drop the judgments and labels and pick up the truth that arises in all our encounters.

There we will find our only reflection is LOVE…

~Audra Erwin

The “High on Life” Coach

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