On Grief And Grieving


My musing today comes after reflecting on several calls lately with clients and friends who are doing their best to process severe losses in their lives and navigate the waters that get churned up during these trying times. I thought about my own journey and life challenges that I not so gracefully fumbled my way through and the years of trying to outrun my own pain and grief because it just seemed too hard to be with. I found in my running that it always catches up to us and that pushing it away was actually much harder than allowing myself to feel my way through everything. Over the past couple years I’ve had to atone for the bypass and feel what so desperately needed to heal so that I could truly live an authentic life, fully aligned in truth so that I can attract what I really desire and deserve to have. We have to make room for it. And there is no place for those things without the clearing so that we can receive. Emotions are included in this, not just material or physical things. After all, everything is energy.

So In my own emotional clearing and the freedom and liberation that comes in the release, I am far more present and aware that our emotions are here FOR us and they are the catalyst to our own peace and life transformation.

Honor the tears. Honor ALL of the feels no matter how shitty. They will pass and you will be so glad you ALLOWED them their FULL release.

I wrote this poem this morning in honor of one of the major ones that most gets bypassed. GRIEF. It doesn’t have to involve physical death. It can also be the death of a dream. A relationship that ended. A baby that you could never have. Loss comes in all sorts of ways and what may seem small to some is big and heavy to others. It all has its weight in gold and yet it doesn’t have to weight us down.

I invite you to get still and go within in the silence of your being, and let your heart tell you what you haven’t been willing to acknowledge. It’s time to stop out running what’s uncomfortable because you can’t and won’t escape it no matter how much you try to run it out or numb it out.

Freedom, peace, expansion, forgiveness, and liberation are all on the other side.

Please reach out to me if this speaks to you and you would like help through this process.

Much love to you.

Here is the poem…


It can’t quite figure out a way to properly place itself

It tries to morph to your conditions

for it doesn’t want to add to your heartache

and yet it just waits

For you to allow it

To embrace and hold it

so it doesn’t have to constantly try and find the right time and place to land

It doesn’t own a watch

or recognize time

It just is

And it deserves to be honored

It is the emotion you can’t quite seem to be with

And its name is grief

It begs to be your friend

not the silent enemy

lurking around the corridors of your heart

Let it in so it can cradle you

It will give you some of the comfort you so deeply crave

if only you’ll stop trying to push it away

~Audra Erwin

The “High on Life” Coach

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