Today I Made A Grown Man Cry…

Today I made a grown man cry…

I took away his lie and handed him his WHY!

A long term relationship of I’m not enough, I pronounced them divorced.

The truth really had nothing to do with the lie and the lie really wasn’t the lie that he thought it was. Double delusion. Underneath everything lies the truth. The truth of the heart. The matters of the heart is what matters most. Our deepest desires and most innate callings.

The world is waking up from the false bravado of everything that once held all the cards.

We know when to hold and now’s the time to fold.

We were never dealt that hand which we were not willing to play.

We decide now to pick up and leave the table. We are cashing in on truth,

for its rewards are biggest.

The payout is awesome. Not only for the individual but for those the individual now gets to serve with the fruits that bear the gifts for all to receive.

His breakthrough came when he allowed the tears to fall. It was his new windfall and they counted most of all.

To all the men out there. You have permission to cry. It leads to your why…You never needed it but on behalf of all women we want to see your vulnerability, it is our strength.

Let us support you in your why. It is our greatest delight!

We marvel in you now. Watch out world, here comes the WOW!

~Audra Erwin

The “High on Life” Coach

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